~Rhaudatul Jannah : Taman Syurga yg Menenangkn...~: May 5, 2009

final form ride..

final is juz around d corner. even today is the 2nd day of study week. but i think i'll steal enough time to blog a lil bit. xD

i got 4 paper for this sem. coz the other one paper didnt hav any final. so its been a relaxing (ops? did i said RELAXING?) sem for me. i think so.. ekeke..

this is my final exam timetable. 2 weeks of hecticness. hhaha. but i still playing around. uh i need to start studying now. btw if u notice the start date is 11th may. niceeee~ date. if u noe wat i mean. :P gotta go now. study time.